2019 Larry Moore

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Wednesday October 30

9:00 AM  –  5:00 PM

Featured Artist Larry Moore

October 30- November 1, 2019

The visual language/ Summon the seas  

A 3-day workshop in conjunction with the Telfair Museum in Savannah SC and the exhibit, Summon the Seas, Contemporary artists and Moby Dick.

Larry Moore is the author of Fishing for elephants: Insights and exercises to inspire authentic creativity, a nationally recognized artist and recipient of the prestigious Society of Illustrators Gold medal award.

 The Visual Language workshop, led by Larry Moore, is designed to help the artist generate richer, more personal responses to subject/object, incorporating the methods that facilitate digging deeper, concept generation and development, implementation and the relevance of materials and mediums. The class will address components of 2-dimensional communication: concept, narrative, written word, form, paint, collage, mark-making, edge, symbolism, and metaphor. While there will be some emphasis on painting, this is a conceptual process, mixed-media workshop. All levels are welcome.

About Larry Moore

Artist, author, instructor and creative coach. “I have a diverse background as a visual communicator: Advertising and design, fine art, plein air (location painting), illustration (35 years) where I worked in almost every medium and style you can think of… except maybe egg tempera and marble. And I’ve made an interesting discovery, the creative process behind all of these approaches is pretty much the same. As an instructor, I am taking my years of acquired knowledge from illustration, graphic design, location painting, teaching Critical thinking and the aforementioned topics and morphing them together in my work, what I teach and what I write. I give people a way to access the creative spirit and broaden not just the way they paint but the way they think and play.”


To see more of Larry’s work and his book, please go to www.larrymoorestudios.com