Kerry Dunn Portrait workshop
This event is no longer on sale.
Thursday February 27
9:00 AM  –  4:00 PM

Kerry Dunn Portrait Workshop and Painting Demo

Ages: Adult

Instructor: Kerry Dunn

Thursday-Saturday, February 27-March 1,

9 am - 4 pm / Jepson Center

Includes Painting Demonstration on Thursday, February 27, 5-8 pm


Members $250, Non-members $275


The purpose of this three-day portrait workshop is for students to better understand the stages of a portrait and the correlating visual principles of each stage. The workshop is divided into three one-day poses. Each day we will focus on a different stage of development and students will be able to progress further each day. The first day will be devoted to proportion (the key to likeness) and basic value relationships using a flesh tone. The second day we will repeat this process, adding warm and cool color notes to our flesh tones, much in line with the old masters’ formula. The third day repeats the process with the addition of a basic color theory and strategy for incorporating it into our portraits (and paintings in general). Also discussed during the workshop are edges, the concept of how light hits form, the principle of working from larger to smaller and paint handling. Kerry Dunn will do demonstrations as well as help students with their paintings. Students will leave with three portraits, each focusing on a different level of completion, and a greater understanding of both the process and the visual principles and tools with which one builds.

Supply List



(Silver Brush brand is recommended)

Bristle Filbert # 2 (at least 3)

Bristle Filbert # 4 (at least 3)

Bristle Filbert # 6 (at least 1)



Odorless mineral spirits in container with lid.



Stand Oil or Linseed Oil

-mix approximately 1/5 oil to 4/5 odorless mineral spirits in small container with lid.



Viva Paper towels (least 1 roll). -Viva is a Kleenex brand and is recommended.


Palette knife


Hand held mirror



Large palette (16 x 20 - 18 x 24)

Wooden palette preferred, treated to prevent paint absorption from the oils in the paints. To treat, apply a coat of regular or quick-dry polyurethane. Let dry, sand lightly. Apply additional coats if necessary. Allow a week to fully cure.



Ivory Black

Burnt Sienna (or some sort of brown)

Permanent Rose

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Yellow

Indian Yellow


Pthalo turquiose

Ultramarine Blue

Dioxazine Purple

Titanium White

*students may also include other colors they are already familiar with.




You will need approximately six 16 x 20 canvases or panels, toned gray.